Has the CTU's Karen Lewis Jumped the Shark, Again?

Is CTU President Karen Lewis really trying to find Rahm Emanuel's mayoral replacement? Personally, I believe she knows she lost the battle with Rahm and is grasping for straws.

I worked at Lane Tech as a substitute teacher/assistant football coach when Karen Lewis was there as a Chemistry teacher and she was active on the LSC and other school committees as well. And, from what I've seen and heard, Karen's not afraid to mix it up with the 'big boys'. But, I believe she's 'jumped the shark' a second time in looking for ways to find Rahm Emanuel's replacement. (The first time she 'jumped the shark' was calling the school closings racist when CPS schools are comprised of 91% minority students.)

The CTU's effort to register 100,000 new voters will be of little help, especially in the areas which are affected most by the school closings as those areas have chronically low voter turnout for elections. Also, it's been reported anywhere from 38% to 46% of CPS teachers and other staffers live outside. So, those CPS employees don't vote in mayoral elections in Chicago.

And, I would believe one possible repercussion not mentioned in the media from CPS closing 54 schools and an estimated 1000 teachers losing their jobs is a change in the CPS Residency Policy. The policy allows employees not hired before November 20, 1996 to live outside Chicago as well as those CPS staffers working in 'special need areas'.

Currently, the 'special need areas' are for teachers in Special Education, Mathematics, Science, Reading, Bilingual, ROTC, PE, and World Language (Exclusively: Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Latin, Farsi).

Also, Librarians, Guidance Counselors, School Nurses, School Psychologists, Speech Pathologists, Sign Language Interpreters, Occupational & Physical Therapists, and Health Service Nurses are given the residency waivers by CPS.

Will there really be a need for residency waivers anymore if 1000 unemployed CPS workers, with many in 'special need areas, are looking for a job'?

I suggest the CTU try to come up with another way to oust Rahm as right now it seems :"Hey, Hey, Ha, Ha, Rahm Emanuel is winning the war.' Hey, Hey, Ha, Ha."

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