Bears Mike Tice and Jay Cutler Need to Call Dr. Phil

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler doesn't deserve to get all the blame for his latest sideline incident with Offensive Coordinator Mike Tice during the Bears 34-18 win over the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football. I believe Tice is half to blame for being as slow my uncle getting out his Lazy Boy in making a play call?
The latest sideline incident occurred after Bears were driving in a scoreless game late in the 2nd Quarter, Bears tight end Matt Spaeth draws a penalty on a run play for not being set and it puts the Bears at 1st down and 15 yards to go. Tice had extra time to make a play call while the referees are marching off the penalty and he's flubbing through his play chart trying to come up with a pass play to go in place of the run. And, because Tice is too slow in getting a play into Cutler, the Bears sideline has to call a timeout

Then, after the timeout, Dallas gets a penalty on the first play for illegal contact on a pass to wide receiver Brandon Marshall. Now, Tice is slow again on the very next play getting a play call into Cutler and Cutler starts yelling at Tice to give him a play. I believe Tice needs to start getting himself going and thinking quicker in play calling as much as Cutler needs to act like a professional on the sideline.

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