Abbate vs. Honey Boo Boo

If I have a bad day, I go to the gym to get the stress out of me or go home watch TV and veg out. But, when former Chicago Police officer Anthony Abbate has a 'bad day' he goes to his local bar, mixes drinking high octane alcoholic drinks, and then beats up a woman half his size that refused to keep serving him his medicine (booze). Abbate is an embarrassment to Chicagoans and the hard working, dedicated members of the CPD. Why couldn't the city of Chicago just settle this civil lawsuit and save all of us from this national embarrassment?

Though, I have to admit I read every article and watch every news story about the Abbate civil case because it's better than watching "Honey Boo Boo". It's too bad Honey Boo Boo was around to tell Abbate to get his "vajiggle jaggle" (a flabby lower belly) off his bar stool, go home, and sleep it off.

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