The Wacky World of Ald. George Cardenas

Part-Time, Ald. George Cardenas' proposal to charge Chicagoans a '$5 safety and security' fee to help pay for another 700 Chicago cops can be written off as just another one of his 'wacky' proposals and ideals.

Is Cardenas the same alderman which suggested a 15-30 cent tax on sugary drinks? Is he the same one that touted Chicago's award winning water, yet, he bought cases of water for his aldermanic office? Is he the landlord of his ward office? Did he put his father on his payroll? Did he take every aldermanic raise possible to help push his salary over $110K during a time city employees were being laid off?

And, while I have many friends in the Chicago Police Department and I believe additional officers are needed and our police deserve a raise, is a $5 fee fair to Chicagoans? I say fair because from January, 2009 until November, 2011, the city of Chicago paid out $45.5M in damages for police brutality and misconduct.

So, is Ald. Cardenas really asking Chicagoans to do is pay for police lawsuit settlements with $24.5 leftover to really only hire more 245 officers, not the 700 as reported? Is this really fair to ask Chicagoans to do?


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  • I don't have an electric meter subject to the fee, but the first thought that hit me...

    If it is a fee rather than a tax, does one get a refund if one's area is not safe and secure, such as a drive by shooting being reported within one mile?

    If not, it is a tax. Apparently taxing people out of their homes doesn't bother Cardenas.

    I also wonder if he is one of many Chicagoans who buy their cases of bottled water in Niles. The Walmart on Touhy does a land office business in selling that.

  • Cardenas' is linked the now-defunct Hispanic Democratic Organization and has ties to former mayor Daley, someone needs to tell him te remember the middle class people he's taxing. he was one a long time ago. And, isn't ironic howa guy like Cardenas is into real estate and a Chicago alderman, seems like a prerequisite. So, is being a lawyer.

    Sorry to say that Wacky Cardenas a Lane Tech Alum like myself.

  • What I find offensive about this "idea" is that the Alderchild did not even have the courage to call this what it is : a TAX. I guess he is afraid of the word. Come on , George . Just say the word. It won't bite you. after all , you are a Democrat. Don't you like taxes because it lets people pay their fair share for public services? Man up, Georgie!

  • I was wondering why he chose ComEd as the bill collector for his $5 tax instead of as an add on to a city bill. The interest that will accumulate from $70 million in payments or the money transfers from ComEd to the city of Chicago will be huge and wasteful...Then I looked at recent political donations to his political action committee...Cardenas received $1,500 from ComEd PAC in March and possibly more since then but we won't know that until he files a more recent campaign disclosure in October. Also, are households that have switched electricity providers from ComEd exempt from paying up?

  • Let's hope this $5 "fee" has as much trouble going into motion as the speed cameras. And, doesn't Cardenas want this "fee' to help fun more units like the Special OPs Police units which were always getting caught in illegal activities?

    Here's information on Wacky Cardenas on CloutWiki:

  • Cardenas is sending up a trial balloon to see what the reactions will be. But how about this suggestion - use the tax dollars we already pay. Or, how about forgetting the $55 million planned "remodeling' of the north end of Grant Park. Like that's really a neccesity. Or, stop with all the bodyguards for ex-mayors and current "officials". There's plenty of money in the revenue stream, they need to get their priorities in order. Stop the B.S.

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