CPS: "Blame the Computers, not the 185 Retiree Substitute Teachers"

Why does CPS always blame a computer when some things go wrong with payroll mistakes? Remember the PeopleSoft fiasco, especially with the problems CPS had with retired teacher pensions? Why didn't anyone at CPS see the overpayments to 185 'retiree' substitute teachers before it went over the $1M mark?

What's going at CPS headquarters? Why does it seem CPS is working out of cigar box, not knowing what the right and left hand are doing, and communicating with Dixie Cups on a string?

I've worked as a CPS substitute teacher with many 'retiree' subs and believe me, they go through their paychecks with the keen eye of a master jeweler to make sure they're getting their correct pay. The 'retiree' subs know they shouldn't be getting more than a 'day to day' sub rate of pay with no holiday or vacation days. Also, these 'retiree' subs check their deductions in their paychecks as to not to affect their pensions.

Isn't the 185 'retiree' subs' pensions (80% of top 5 highest 'pay' years in their last 10 years) and using their clout to work more than 'non-retiree' subs enough? Plus, since they don't pay into a pension, they now get deductions taken out for social security to help them raise their points for when they truly retire.

What schools were these 185 'retiree' subs working at and why did the administrators at these schools look the other way? Why is this information never given out? What were their positions and what position numbers were they working in? It seems the CTU and Karen Lewis should look into the positions these 'retired' subs were working as they seem to be taking jobs away from displaced and future union teachers.

CPS needs to get to the root of this latest payroll problem and when they do, I guarantee more will come up in the wash, especially since these 'retiree' subs wouldn't be able to get holiday or vacation days floating from school to school and only working at one particular school. And, I highly doubt this was an isolated incident and these overpayments to 'retiree' subs has been going on for many years. Though, with only a small staff working for the CPS Inspector General James Sullivan, it may take years.

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