The Taste of Chicago at US Cellular Field?

Why not have the Taste of Chicago at UC Cellular Field this year? It's not as "far-fetched' of an idea as some might think it is, and here's why:

- The Taste usually runs the last part of June and into July. In 2011, the Taste ran (10) days from June 24 through July 3. And, the 2012 Taste dates are still to be announced.

- In 2012, the White Sox are scheduled to play (10) games away from US Cellular Field from June 22 until July 1.

- The revamped Illinois Sports Facilities Authority board has questioned whether the agency has aggressively pursued non-baseball events and wants to generate more revenue.

- One of the main reasons given for the dwindling Taste attendance in 2011 was because there wasn't a July 3rd fireworks show.

- US Cellular Field has an exploding scoreboard and the White Sox put on fireworks display after Saturday night games, which are a fan favorite.

- The Taste, other events taking place at the same time, and people making their way to and from work bring huge congestions to the lakefront area.

- US Cellular Field is a short walking distance away from a CTA 'Red Line' train stop, near the Dan Ryan Expressway, and is accessible from a variety of Chicago streets. Plus, there are plenty of parking lots near US Cellular Field.

- The organizers of the Taste want to scale it down a few days and have fewer restaurants.

- The White Sox may need 2-3 days to resod the field and make it playable after the Taste.

- US Cellular Field has a comparable amount of stationary concession stands to be used as food booths throughout the park and could be better equipped to handle the Taste crowds and be more sanitary for public safety.

- The White Sox have the 'Sodfather' Roger Bossard to work his magic on the field after the Taste

- The lack of big name performers was another reason given for decreased attendance at the Taste.

- US Cellular Field played host to Bruce Springsteen in 2003, so, big name acts can play there.

- The White Sox have a say in what events take place at US Cellular Field.

- Isn't this a time of shared sacrifices in the city, state, and county?



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  • Not a bad idea. And why doesnt US Cellular offer itself to the Illini for a late season football game? I for one would prefer to run into a bullpen bar instead of a brick wall (like at Wrigley) after scoring a touchdown.

  • In reply to urbanleftbehind:

    Football would be nice at the Cell, maybe have Sam Hurd and the Mean Machine play the prison guards at the Cell.. BTW: The Taste has been reduced to 5 days in 2012.

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