Cheer Ald. Sposato (36th) Not Jeer Him Over UNO Charter School

Ald. Nicholas Sposato (36th) should be given an 'atta boy' instead of criticism and jeers for asking to delay a vote allowing the United Neighborhood Organization (UNO, a politically connected group) to build a charter school in his ward. I can understand Sposato's stance and respect his decision to seek more time and information before determining if a charter school is good for the 36th.

See, unlike Ald. Juan Solis (25th), I'm a resident of the 36th ward and have been for the past 12 years. Also, unlike Solis, I was never the co-founder and a former executive director of UNO. 

Shouldn't Solis have recused himself  from any city business involving UNO, especially since he's also the Chairman of the Zoning Committee? Heck, even the former alderman of the 36th, WIlliam JP Banks, would recluse himself if he thought there was a conflict of interest.

Let's all  hope Sposato stays strong and doesn't get bullied into 'rubber stamping' anything before he can consult the 36th ward's residents.

I voted for Sposato because I was tired of the former 36th ward crew 'rubber stamping' anything former Mayor Daley wanted and I was among residents that found it hard to get any help from them if I didn't in some way benefit the 'crew'. In addition, I know how Chicago political crews work as prior to moving into the 36th, I lived in the 32nd for 36 years. During the time I lived there, the 32nd 'crew' was led by the late 'powerful' Congressman and Committeeman Dan Rostenkowski and former Ald. Terry Gabinski, one could see rubber stamps piling up in the garbage cans behind the ward's office on a daily basis

In Sposato's case, the former fireman and UPS driver, made it clear the days of 'rubber stamping' would be over and the residents of the 36th would have say in most matters and he seems to be holding true to his word.

Unfortunately, the Tribune Editorial Staff and Solis are at odds with Sposato and both are questioning whether he wants children to have a good education in the 36th. I find any questions about Sposato's motive about the new charter school to be an unwarranted and an unjust attack on him.

Now, if the past 'crew' was still in charge of the 36th, I would be willing to guess there wouldn't have been any discussion about the building of this charter school with the ward residents and 'boom' there would have been a charter school in the 36th. But, Sposato was only given the information about this proposed charter school in mid-October and only had one meeting with the people of the 36th.

Sposato clearly has said his ward residents need more information before a decision can be made on the new charter school. How could anyone that is a Chicago resident question Sposato's motive, especially with the ongoing financial fiasco Chicago is having with the rubber stamping of the parking meters?

Should Sposato just give his okay to the UNO charter school without getting more information for himself and the residents and then making an uninformed decision? Or should Sposato let proponents and opponents of the charter school make their cases and then the 36th ward residents and Sposato can make an informed decision?


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  • I agree with you that Ald. Sposato is doing the right thing consulting with ward residents. Locals want to know the implications. No one has said anything yet.....

    By the way, it's 'recuse', not 'recluse'. The latter is not a verb.

  • In reply to PaoloChicago:

    Well, to get you updated, Sposato weakened his stance and bowed to Solis and Rahmulus. Sposato okayed the UNO Charter school. I see Sposato as a one-term alderman, he doesn't seem to be tough enough and have connections to be an alderman in Chicago, IMO he's too nice of a guy.

    BTW: You're correct about my use of reclused, it should have been recused and has been changed.

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