Penn State, Joe Pa, & the Pope

The Penn State football 'child abuse' scandal seems to be mirroring the abuse in the catholic church. Joe Paterno seems to be playing the part of the 'unknowing' Pope, Tim Curley (Athletic Director) and Gary Schultz (Interim Vice President of Business and Finance) are playing the roles of bishops covering up the abuse, and former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky is in the role of the 'child abusing' priest.

I believe it's time for change at Penn State and for more change in the catholic church.



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  • Walter, I tried reading the 20 something page Grand Jury document yesterday. I stopped reading at page 3.

    It was absolutely disgusting.

  • I hear you. I;m just reading the Trib article after watching the news about it and I can't believe nothing was done in 2002. That's 9 years!

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    Well, is Liberalism working? It is at Penn State. I want no part of this permissive society.

  • In reply to John Johnson:

    John, liberalism has nothing to do with this. Joe Paterno & his staff were protecting the Penn State brand and had no concern for those children who suffered at the hands of Sandusky. If they had dealt with this issue back in 1998, when two of the victims came forward, the criminal sexual assault wouldn't have occurred in 2002. In 1998, the mother of one of the victims set up a phone conversation with Sandusky in which he admitted to showering with both victims and said "bad things" happened in the shower. Yet, Penn State still ignored the charges and instead thought only of Penn State when they chose to force the former heir apparent to Joe Paterno, Sandusky, out making it clear he wasn't good for Penn State. But apparently it was ok for him to continue to have access to a stream of little boys to victimize.

  • Joe has to go. His reputation is tarnished beyond repair. Paterno doesn't really have that much involvement in coaching anymore and hsn't for at least15 years. Why keep him in the public light?

    The Penn State football 'brand' is now in the same group as SMU was with the NCAA 'death penalty' back in the 10980's

  • I mean 1980's

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