The 'Chicago Way': The Privileged Get More Privileges,

I truly feel bad for Chicago's former first lady Maggie Daley and her health problems. And, I wish her a full and speedy recovery. But, what I don't get is why are taxpayers paying for her to be driven back and forth to her medical appointments by the Daley 'Chicago Police Department' security detail?

In no way am I trying to be uncaring or cruel to Maggie or the Daley Family as I know what a parent's illness can go do to a family emotionally. In our family's case, when my Dad was ill for seven years before he passed away, my family drove him to endless doctor's appointments and hospital stays. And we each took off from work and other obligations to make sure he got to them and home safely with our support.

Why can't the Daley Family, including her husband and former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, do the same for Maggie instead of the security detail paid for by Chicago taxpayers?

Is everyone in the Daley Family that busy that they can't be bothered to help Maggie? Or, is the Chicago Police Department a chauffeur service for the privileged few? And, Mayor Emanuel's defense that Maggie never drew a paycheck from the city of Chicago really is a 'slap in the face' to every Chicagoans' intelligence.

I thought change was promised to Chicagoans by Mayor Emanuel. However, It just seems the 'Privileged Few Still Continue To Get More Privileges' in Chicago.


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  • My husband drove me to all of my treatments. It was as much a show of emotional support as it was transportation, which I often could manage on my own. The waiting rooms were always filled by patients accompanied by friends and loved ones. Not only should the taxpayers not foot the bill for Maggie's trips for treatment, but what is wrong with Rich and the rest of the Daleys? Why aren't they by Maggie's side?

  • In reply to KatieDid:

    @KatieDid: It seems the rest of the Daley Family is MIA and only come out in public when they're getting pats on the back or a high salaried city job, like Daley's daughter.

    I forgot to mention when my Dad was sick, EAR (Environmental Auto Removal) Towing illegally towed my Dad's van from in front of our house. And, we questioned city officials about it and nobody could tell us why it was towed or who to contact to have E&R charged with theft, including asking the Chicago Police Department. We were given so much hassle asking why that we gave up.

    The van not only was towed illegally, but, when it was towed it caused damaged to the underbelly and we paid $565 to fix.

    BTW: EAR Towing is a politicaly connected company to the King Richard Daley.

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