Let Walter Payton Rest in Peace..

The new book on Walter Payton (I refuse to mention the author's name and title of the book) crosses the line in Beardom and is the one thing sacred to all Bears fans. And, I suggest Bears fans everywhere wear their Payton jerseys, caps, pants, and Kangaroo gear or put together a sign and bring it to this Sunday's game to show their disdain for the book and support for Walter.

Walter's death in 1999 was like a dagger was spiked into the hearts of every Bears and Payton fan everywhere. And, I for one, still get emotional to this day talking about, seeing old game footage, and thinking about Walter.

If you asked any 'real' Bears fan, many of them could tell you of Walter's marital problems. Most fans had the inkling that he suffered physically and mentally after he left the game. And, quite a few could tell you of the time he accidentally shot one of his employees at his restaurant. But, why drag out Walter's trash now for all to read?

Why write a book on Walter now? Is it because the author wants to make a name for himself and make enough money to move out of his parent's basement? Is it because Chicago's Best TV show is up for a Chicago Emmy with Walter's daughter Brittany as one of its hosts? Is it because the '85 Bears are finally getting invited to the White House? I don't get it. Why now? Leave Walter alone and let him rest in peace.

I believe this piece of garbage called a book, is just an attempt to make the author famous and to make money, nothing else. Though, I believe there's some hope for this book and it's for people to donate them to a local charity's paper drive to raise money. And, helping others is one of things I'll remember about Walter Payton


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  • Biographers! Oxygen thiefs, all of them.

  • Fame and cash? Isn't that why all writers ultimately publish? Screw him. I hope he doesn't sell a single book in Chicago.

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