A Clean Chicago River as likely as....

First, the Obama Administration demanded Chicago clean up the Chicago River and now Mayor Emanuel is jumping on the bandwagon. The plan to clean up the Chicago River is very noble, health-conscious, and idealistic.  Though, the chances of the Chicago River ever getting cleaned up to federal standards is as likely to happen as:

- Chicago being free of cronyism and nepotism

- Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz not getting Jay Cutler killed by calling pass after pass with no protection from Cutler's teammates.

- CPS not facing huge budget deficits or Driver Ed. cars which date back to Fred Flintstone.

- Former mayor Richard M. Daley and Ald. Ed Burke paying for their own security details out of the millions of dollars in their campaign war chests.

- The Chicago Police Department to stop playing the 'We Swerve and Deflect' game in the death of David Koschman.

- Potholes not resembling huge sinkholes on Chicago streets.

- Chicagoans not fearing parking meters and red-light cameras.

- The Bulls playing this year.

- White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen being with the team next year.

- The Cubs winning the World Series

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