The Trib, Burke, & Me

I would like to thank the Chicago Tribune for keeping me informed and letting me know what's going on in our great city, especially reporting on Ald. Ed Burke's costly '$600K a year' security detail. But, I'm asking for more information.

See, I'm a 'regular' citizen and I'm not an 'entitled' alderman. I have to pay for anything the city council decides I have to and I have to pay for my own vehicle, city and state sticker, gas, upkeep on my vehicle, vehicle insurance, tickets, and I have to drive my own vehicle. And, I believe the Tribune needs to include more about Burke's security detail to help make things more transparent for me, including:

- What is the total cost of each vehicle given to Burke to the taxpayers? Are these vehicles new, used, or leased? And, who leases these vehicles to the city for Burke to use? Or, does Burke lease the vehicles and make the city pay for them?

- What are the other costs of Burke's security detail to the city, including health pension benefits, overtime pay, and their meals and lodging? How is security detail picked?

- Why can't Burke be made to pay for his security detail out of multi-million dollar war chest?

- What will the total cost of the two retired Chicago police officers be to the city on Burke's security detail?

- Who pays for Burke's '24/7, 365 day' sun tan?

Burke continues to defend his '$600K a year' security detail' by saying the security detail has been given to Chicago's Finance Committee Chairman since the 1940's. And, Mayor Emanuel continues to talk about changes in our city, how everyone has to make sacrifices, and making everything more transparent in Chicago. But, why can't we know everything in terms of economics and how Burke's security detail is chosen from the police department? And, why do taxpayers have to continue to pay the bill?

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