Solve Two Problems, Can Burke as Chicago's Finance Committee Chairman

PROBLEM: The City of Chicago is facing a $635.7M budget deficit and Mayor Emanuel's budget team has looked back 10 years to 2001 and found a deficit for every year.
Can you guess who's been Chicago's Finance Committee Chairman since 2001? If you guessed Ald. Ed Burke, You are correct!

I believe it's time for Mayor Emanuel to take the 'bull by horns', start running Chicago like a business, and move to get rid of Burke as the Finance Committee Chairman? Wouldn't a smart businessman wanting to make money and cut down costs get rid of the person in charge that led to his business having a $635.7M deficit? Why should this be any different?

Plus, if Burke is canned, all the questions about his costly 'S600K a year' security detail would be moot as he wouldn't need them anymore. PROBLEM SOLVED.

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