Fergie, Ronnie, Ernie, Billy, Harry, & Sir Paul

The editors of the Chicago Sun-Times are suggesting the Chicago Cubs honor Fergie Jenkins and put up a statute of him by Wrigley Field and I agree. Jenkins should get one to go along with the ones of Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Ron Santo, and Harry Caray. But, I doubt it will happen, especially since it took so long for the Cubs to retire his # 31 jersey number. And, the Cubs only seemed to retire Jenkins' # 31 because they also retired # 31 for Greg Maddux.

Why hasn't Jenkins been given the same respect and accolades as his fellow Cubs teammates from the 1969 team and an announcer by the Cubs?

Is a 1980 drug possession charge in Toronto, while Jenkins was with the Texas Rangers, the reason Jenkins hasn't been honored with a statute and why his number wasn't retired until 2009? If Jenkins' drug incident made the Cubs brass queasy, I have to wonder what they were thinking when they let Paul McCartney have two concerts at Wrigley Field this summer as McCartney has a history of arrests for possession of illegal substances. Though, you would have to think the quality of grass at McCartney's concerts was probably better in the stands than the quality of play by the Cubs on the grass this season.

And, I believe before the Cubs consider honoring Jenkins with a statute, they should bring Jack Brickhouse's statute back to Wrigley Field where it belongs and not leave it alone on Michigan Avenue to continue to get beaten up by the lake effect weather.


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    Why would they want to honor her? i think Lady Gaga, Stevie Nicks, or Melanie C should get honored before het

  • In reply to Cubs lose:

    Thanks Pete for mentioning Lady Guy Guy with Fergie Jenkins

  • Honoring Fergie is long overdue!

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