2011 has been a good year

Who says you can't call 2011 a good year until it's over? So far, only eight months are in the books and I can call it a good year for me.

I had hoped the new year would bring the end to Richard Daley's reign as mayor of Chicago. And, BOOM! He gone!

I had hoped the mothership aka Oprah Winfrey would finally be gone from Chicago. BOOM! She gone!

I had hoped the Chicago Bears would have an ephiphany and cut ties with aging center Olin Kreutz! BOOM! He gone!
Now, there's still five months left in 2011 and I still waiting for one of the other things I had hoped for this year. And, that was the Chicago River to be cleaned up. But, hoping for this is as likely to happen as other things I hoped to happen in 2011, including the following:

- Chicago being 100%, or at least 50%, free of cronyism and nepotism
- Ald. Ed Burke paying for his own security detail out of his campaign war chest.
- Chicago Police Department would stop playing the 'We Swerve and Deflect' game in the death of David
- Adam Dunn and Alex Rios having great years for the White Sox
- The Cubs winning the World Series

If a few of these things happen, 2011 would be a great year for me.


What are some of the things you hoped for in 2011? What would make 2011 good and great for you?

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