Bears Need Kreutz

The Chicago Bears need to re-sign center Olin Kreutz. But, I believe the 'undersized' Kreutz' best years are behind him and only his knowledge of the blocking schemes, decent pass blocking abilities, and line calls make him important on an aging Bears team trying to make a Super Bowl run with their current roster.

Due to the NFL lockout and a shortened training camp, I believe the Bears need to sign Kreutz to a two-year deal with a team option to buyout the second year. If Kreutz' contract isn't renewed for the second year, one can say that the buyout money would be his retirement gift from the Bears. Though, I think Kreutz should have retired three years ago.

Kreutz' play has really diminished over the years and his biggest problem is he's continually driven into the backfield on run plays by defensive tackles, And, when this 'frequently' happens it kills any chances of him and the guards getting any movement of defenders off the line of scrimmage and create room for the running backs to run inside with the ball.

Also, another big problem is Kreutz' high number of penalties. And, Kreutz will often forget the snap count and force others to get penalties for false starts..
If Kreutz agrees to sign for two-year contract for a 'mid-ranged' salary and a team option to buyout the second year, I say keep him. But, if Kreutz wants 'Pro-Bowl' money and a 'guaranteed' contract for more than one year, I say tell him "Aloha means Goodbye" as it's time to think about the future, not the past.

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  • Let Harbaugh overpay for Kreutz. Bears don't need him that bad.

  • I hear you man. Kreutz is trying to squeeze water out of a rock from the Bears. If SF signs him, they'll find out when their run offense is like a donut, nothing in the middle

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