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At This Point, Why Bother?

The preseason has passed the highway exits marked Irrelevant, Joke and Fraud.  In San Diego last night, the Chargers lack of ticket sales led to the game being blacked out in the home market.  The Bears starters – specifically on offense – played half-a-dozen snaps and spent the remaining two hours and forty-five minutes staring... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

So a minicamp is in the book and now comes the long peaceful wait for training camp. Lovie Smith is Swallowing the Happy Pills Direct quote: “I’m excited,” Smith said. “There’s nothing to not like about what we did. Getting Brian (Urlacher) back at his position and seeing Brian and Lance (Briggs) back together, and... Read more »

A Wednesday Rodeo

There will be no more words wasted on this site about the Chicago media’s current infatuation with Jay Cutler’s facial expressions.  Writers like the Tribune’s Rick Morrissey are why most people around the country have little respect for the town’s sports writers.  Morrissey, like Mariotti before him, think dour is interesting and prey upon the... Read more »

Tuesday Night Rodeo

Bears Receivers Bracing For WorstUnless something bizarre happens on Thursday night against the Browns, I think the Bears are pretty set with their receiving corps and my final guess is that Brandon Rideau will be the odd man out.  I think the club keeps six on the roster.  Hester and Bennett are the starters.  Iglesias... Read more »

Till-Bow Baggins

Buried in a day where the Minnesota Vikings have stolen the headlines was some pretty substantial, if predictable news from Brad Biggs.  It appears Lovie Smith & Co. have settled on Peanut Tillman and Zack Bowman as their starting corners.  “[Tillman and Bowman] don’t have to come out here and prove to us that they... Read more »

Bowman, Bowman, Bowman & More

If ESPN (as a whole) allows Jeff Dickerson of ESPN (Chicago) to be their lead man when it comes to Chicago Bears coverage, we may actually get some balanced and detailed football reporting from the Worldwide Leader.  Dickerson is my favorite thing going right now.  Here are some excerpts from his News & Notes with... Read more »

Three for Tuesday

Okay, guys, so it is done.  If you look at the right side of the screen (and scroll down a bit), you’ll see the constant updates from the writers covering camp, some players and correspondance to them from fans.  It’s actually pretty cool. Cedric Benson Still Hasn’t LearnedI don’t care if Cedric Benson believes the... Read more »

More Camp Notes

More Kevin Jones?Vaughn McClure writes about the Bears giving Matt Forte some downtime at practice this weekend.  Smart move and something many of us think is coming ten months too late.  Just because the Double Deuce is capable of thirty touches a game doesn’t mean he should be given thirty touches a game.  Over-running young... Read more »