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Audibles From the Long Snapper

Audibles From the Long Snapper
It’s the slowest time of the NFL season, unless you get excited about franchise tags and press releases from the mediators of collective bargaining sessions.  In Bearsland, it’s no different.   My Thoughts on the Release of Tommie Harris I saw the announcement and I did not care and that, that more than anything, tells... Read more »

Even More Audibles From the Long Snapper

I guess it’s that kind of week.  That kind of game.  For the first time since it’s initial debut, here comes the third Audibles in a single week. Chris Harris/Major Wright – Bears Weakness to Watch The Bears have put no starters on IR this season and are heading into the NFC Championship Game with... Read more »

Thoughts on Division Round Dominance

It was as dominant as the Chicago Bears have been this season, only letting the Seahawks make the game look closer by mailing in the last five minutes or so.  I have a lot of thoughts. Good for Jay Cutler.  After taking some of the most personally pointed abuse of his career by Dick Reilly,... Read more »

Thoughts on an Exhilarating Victory

The 2010 Chicago Bears announced their presence to the NFL yesterday afternoon by soundly defeating the overhyped and overmatched Philadelphia Eagles.  Here are my thoughts. Nobody has been more critical of the man than me but Lovie Smith is my NFL Coach of the Year right now.  His turning around this team coming off the bye... Read more »

Bears Have Championship Defense

We all wondered, heading into the bye week, whether Lovie Smith and Mike Martz could fix their offensive struggles.  To a certain extent they did, committing to the run and minimizing the risks Jay Cutler takes down the field.  But what’s been even more impressive is that since the bye week the Bears have been... Read more »

The Bears Have Life

Quick turnaround for us and the site this week.  Here are my thoughts on yesterday’s ultra-fulfilling contest. Two mistakes cost this from being a masterpiece.  Chris Harris can’t blow deep coverage on the Percy Harvin touchdown grab.  He has only one assignment on the play and Harvin was the only viable receiver on the Vikings... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

Will Jay Cutler Play Sunday? David Haugh urges the Bears to rest Jay Cutler until he’s fully recovered from a concussion.  This is one of those articles I think sportswriters write to feel good about themselves.  Of course the Bears are not going to put their franchise on the field if he’s not fully recovered... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

Benching Tommie Harris There are very few writers out there as critical of the play-for-play coaching decisions of Lovie Smith as I am.  I think he is as brutal a clock manager as there is in the sport.  I think he acts stubbornly in support of his own poor decisions.  (Who didn’t know he’d go... Read more »

Thoughts on Beating the Packers

Raise your hand if last night reminded you of 2006.  There is one major difference.   Jay Cutler is 1,000,000 times the quarterback Rex Grossman ever was.  This might be the worst offensive line in football and Cutler created offense last night where there was none to be found. My mindless support of Greg Olsen... Read more »

Three Must Happens in 2010

I was asked in a bar the other night what I believed the Bears needed to do to make the postseason.  I quickly rambled off a list of eight or nine things and spent the following morning attempting to put that drunken incoherence into a tangible column for you, my blog buddies.  First, there is... Read more »