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Five Reasons The Bears Are Finished Playing

It is a game I’ll spend a few weeks thinking about, not sure quite how to wrap-up a performance so surreal and often downright bizarre.  But there were several key factors leading up to the Bears loss yesterday. Jay Cutler’s First-Half Inaccuracy.  Cutler missed an open Devin Hester on two throws early and both could... Read more »

A Wonderful Season, A Bizarre Ending

If someone told you in August that Jay Cutler, Todd Collins and Caleb Hanie would each take snaps in the NFC Championship Game against the Green Bay Packers…what would you have said?  I don’t know what my exact words would have been but they would have rhymed with “buck cough”.  We’ll have weeks to discuss... Read more »

Reasons To Curb Enthusiasm...a little

I can live with this collection of skill players.  The safety position has been remarkably solid.  The corners, especially Peanut Tillman, have played well.  The linebackers are brilliant.  Julius Peppers is just about the best defensive player in the game right now.  So why aren’t the people covering and cheering on the Chicago Bears going... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

I should be back to full strength by tomorrow. Cut Todd Collins If Jay Cutler is not cleared to play Sunday, the Chicago Bears can under no circumstances allow Todd Collins to be the starting quarterback.  They should not even allow Collins to occupy a spot on the roster.  Collins was supposed to be the... Read more »

Bears at Panthers Game Preview

It’s hard to predict what the Chicago Bears offense will look like with 116 year-old Todd Collins at the quarterback position.  The Vegas odds are probably on “ugly”.  But sometimes a team needs to win a game ugly to remind themselves they can.  I think Sunday is one of those days when the 2010 Bears... Read more »

Fourth Meaningless Game Notes

We’re not going to be waiting till the second half happens.  Not a single player on the field will mean anything to the 2010 Chicago Bears.  Here are my first-half notes:   The Bears have finally brought in a backup quarterback that is capable of winning football games.  Todd Collins looked poised and polished at... Read more »

"Ladies & Gents, Todd Collins" Game Thread

Things to Look For in Cleveland

I’m not going to lie.  The chances of me getting away from some preexisting plans to watch the Bears fourth preseason game are not very good.  I’ll give some of it a watch when I come home later in the evening but the thought of watching our parade of rookie quarterbacks horrifies me.  Here’s what... Read more »

Nobody Plays Fourth Preseason Game

There is going to be a push from the media and frantic fans to get the Bears to march their starters onto the field in Cleveland for another meaningless football game.  There are going to be echos of “you’re not ready” and “we need to build momentum”.  It’s all nonsense.  Lovie Smith needs to start... Read more »

The (Injured) Long Snapper Hits the NFC North

THE CHICAGO BEARS SIGNED TODD COLLINS and it’s a wise move.  I’d like to see Collins log some serious minutes this weekend against the Cardinals as the Bears were essentially running out the clock after Cutler’s exit from the Raiders game.  Collins also sounds like a pretty confident guy, “It’s a hard offense to learn, especially... Read more »