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The 2010 DaBearsBlog.Com T-Shirts!!

The 2010 DaBearsBlog.Com t-shirts are now available!  And there are two!  They are send-ups of the very popular, now-controversial Shepard Fairey Obama “HOPE” image. (The official blog designer, Jared Friedman, is responsible.) Get your orders in ASAP. The longer you wait, the longer it’ll take for us to get the shirts to you. THE FRONTS:... Read more »

What's Your Ideal Lions Game Outcome?

So here’s the schedule.  Tomorrow we’ll do the season opener thread.  Friday will be my first Bears game pick column of the season and rumor has it I’ll be taking the Chicago Bears (Why DO I like the Chicago Bears this week?  Tune it and find out!)  Saturday comes the launch of DaBlog Saturday Show –... Read more »