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Thoughts on Dave Duerson and more...

My entire experience with Dave Duerson is on DVD these days; a set of DVDs chronicling the 1985 Chicago Bears season the Reverend’s parents had made.  I can only say that when hard times hit members of the ’85 team, we all hurt a little deeper and the outpouring of emotion from his teammates is... Read more »

Coaching Continuity a Must This Offseason

Editor’s Note: If this were a non-fiction book, the full title would be Coaching Continuity a Must This Offseason, or The Stupidity of Steve Rosenbloom. I wake up this morning and check out the Tribune sports website and see that Steve Rosenbloom has decided Mike Martz needs to be fired as offensive coordinator of the... Read more »

Some Ramblings & Five Packers To Watch

Editor’s Note: I’m still waiting on Fantasy Playoffs selections from ChiTownHustler, BigT, Sdwat52, Shady, Cormonster, MikeBrownhadaPosse, IrishSweetness and enderwiggin. (Email to jeff@dabearsblog.com) Editor’s Note 2: I’ll be re-joining my friend Trent Condon on ESPN Des Moines at 4:15 CST.   The media’s attention this week, in-and-around Chicago, has been bizarre when it comes to this... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

Hasselbeck Says Briggs Takes Game to “Another Level” Matt Hasselbeck wants to carry over the confidence from their early-season victory at Soldier Field but believes Lance Briggs being on the field squelches that a bit: “He’s huge,” Hasselbeck said. “I think he’s arguably one of the best defensive players in the game. I think he’s... Read more »

The First Must-Win Game of 2010

I’d imagine the columns have already been written, saved under “Fire Lovie” on the laptop computers of David Haugh, Rick Telander and Steve Rosenbloom.  They contain the phrases that have filled beat pages and blog posts since 2004: poor clock management, wasted timeouts, poor talent recognition, little accountability, offensive incoherence…etc.  I’m sure a few of... Read more »

Seahawks at Bears Game Preview

Last week my predictions were as good as they’ve been in a couple years, coming within 8 total points of the score.  I’m feeling it again today. YOUR TODD COLLINS-LESS 2010 CHICAGO BEARSoverSeattle Seahawks Why do I like the Chicago Bears this week? I always like the Chicago Bears. I expect taking a week off... Read more »

Notes on a Pointless Victory

All the Bears proved yesterday is that they are not the Rams.  They’re not the Browns or Chiefs or Lions either.  They are a middle of the road team.  They won’t say it but I have to believe Jay Cutler injured his hand worse than he was letting on yesterday.  Otherwise that fourth quarter give-up... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

Chris Williams Moved to Left TackleLovie Smith officially acknowledged today that the team has moved Chris Williams to left tackle.  Of course, in typical Chicago Bears fashion, they waited until Orlando Pace could be embarrassed and subsequently injured by the fierce Vikings defensive front.  Jay Cutler’s blindside immediately becomes the only thing worth watching against... Read more »

Four on Friday

Dan Pompei writes a column claiming that defensive scheming is the reason Greg Olsen’s been underwhelming this season.  It’s a ridiculous column.  If Greg Olsen is the elite-type player his ability suggests, he needs to beat nickel corners in man coverage.  If Greg Olsen is the elite-type player his ability suggests, Ron Turner needs to... Read more »

Memo to Chicago Media: Fire Yourself.

Quick vent. Rick Morrissey was always ready to kill Kyle Orton, Bears quarterback.  Now he’s singing the praises of John Elway Jr. and the 5-0 Denver Broncos.  The truth is if the Bears’ defense had not collapsed in 2008, the Bears would have opened 5-0.  If they didn’t suffer the sadness in Atlanta a few... Read more »