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Thoughts on Dave Duerson and more...

My entire experience with Dave Duerson is on DVD these days; a set of DVDs chronicling the 1985 Chicago Bears season the Reverend’s parents had made.  I can only say that when hard times hit members of the ’85 team, we all hurt a little deeper and the outpouring of emotion from his teammates is... Read more »

Bears & Packers: Final Notes

NFL Says Soldier Field Sod in Good Shape Read the article linked here.  Now if you believe the article you’ve just read, you are most likely one of the reported 60% of Americans who believe Noah’s Ark was an historical event.  I’m sincerely doubtful the Bears were working overtime to eradicate their most significant Soldier... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

Debating the Trap Game Matt Bowen – who I like – makes the argument in today’s Trib that the Bears can’t beat the Patriots this week but can lose to the Lions.  What he’s arguing is that the Bears are about to embark on the NFL-specific malady known as ‘the trap game’.  I, for one,... Read more »

The Walter Payton Statue Debate

We take a moment away from the 2009 season to discuss a topic currently making the Chicago media rounds.   The Chicago Park District has announced they are against the placement of a Walter Payton statue in the area outside Soldier Field.  From the Tribune: According to a Payton family spokeswoman, park district officials explained that... Read more »