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Now To Free Agency We Go...

DaBearsBlog’s ‘Bear Jew’ t-shirt is now available for sale.  If you got a few extra bucks in your wallet, this is a great way to show your support for the site.  UPDATE: ALL ORDERS MUST BE IN BY TUESDAY IF YOU’D LIKE YOUR SHIRT SENT WITH THE FIRST SHIPMENT NEXT WEEK. Free agency will come... Read more »

Bears Front Office Will Be Tested This Week

For the first time since the advent of free agency, NFL franchises will draft prior to the acquisition of free agents.  This was the message of football-business expert Andrew Brandt on the Four Letters and this is a message that should resonate with NFL fans.  Why?  Because 32 teams are competing for a Super Bowl... Read more »

Bears Should Target Sidney Rice

Barring a surprising move by the Minnesota Vikings, many believe wide receiver Sidney Rice will be dipping his wick into free agency waters next months.  There will be other receivers sure to draw interest from Chicago Bears management, regardless of Dan Pompei’s inane belief that the position is not a necessity for the club.  Braylon... Read more »

2010 Bears Could Become 1984 Bears

Those of you yearning for the Bears to become a more consistent franchise, here’s a question: has any team in the NFC been consistently great over the last decade?  Consistently good, even?  The answer is simple.  No, unless you consider Andy Reid’s inevitable postseason failings each year good.  Peter King actually included an interesting tidbit... Read more »

Breaking Down the Minnesota Vikings

Here are my thoughts on the Minnesota Vikings, as currently constructed, as the Bears prepare to face them in the horribly cold conditions at the University of Minnesota.  I’m straying from the normal analysis and trying to look at this one a bit differently. I want Percy Harvin to start.  I have sung Dave Toub’s... Read more »

Vikings at Bears Game Preview

With the season at the crossroads, the division within their grasp and the worst football player/human being in American history entering their home, Sunday is a big football game for the Chicago Bears. YOUR POSSIBLY RESURGENT 2010 CHICAGO BEARS OVER Brett Favre and some other guys Why do I like the Chicago Bears this week?... Read more »

The (Injured) Long Snapper Hits the NFC North

THE CHICAGO BEARS SIGNED TODD COLLINS and it’s a wise move.  I’d like to see Collins log some serious minutes this weekend against the Cardinals as the Bears were essentially running out the clock after Cutler’s exit from the Raiders game.  Collins also sounds like a pretty confident guy, “It’s a hard offense to learn, especially... Read more »