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Second Meaningless Game Thread

Second Meaningless Game Thread
It seems the media world around NFL franchises all take the same approach these preseason games, me included. You zero in on a handful of players/positions and hope something can be learned from the performance. In most if not all cases nothing is learned. So here’s hoping the Bears leave Soldier Field tonight as healthy... Read more »

Bears Fan's Guide to Sunday Afternoon Football (Without the Bears)

Bears Fan's Guide to Sunday Afternoon Football (Without the Bears)
Early Games: Two of the four current NFC division leaders tee off at 12 PM CT and it sure would be nice to see them both drop games. Another Giants loss (at Cincinnati) would essentially relegate them to a battle for a three or four seed come playoff time. Atlanta travels to New Orleans to... Read more »

The 2011 Chicago Bears Schedule

The Games Week One: Sunday September 11 – Falcons Week Two: Sunday September 18 – @ New Orleans Week Three: Sunday September 25 – Packers Week Four: Sunday October 2 – Panthers Week Five: Monday October 10 – @ Detroit   Week Six: Sunday October 16 – Vikings (primetime) Week Seven: Sunday October 23 –... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper: NFL Edition

So before we get to the Weekend of the Wild Card, I figured I’d weigh in on the happenings around the league over this past week. Leslie Frazier is a solid choice for the Minnesota Vikings but I wonder if they interviewed any non-minority candidates. The Raiders went undefeated in their division and finally looked... Read more »

At This Point, Why Bother?

The preseason has passed the highway exits marked Irrelevant, Joke and Fraud.  In San Diego last night, the Chargers lack of ticket sales led to the game being blacked out in the home market.  The Bears starters – specifically on offense – played half-a-dozen snaps and spent the remaining two hours and forty-five minutes staring... Read more »

Preseason Opener Game Thread

I’ll be back this evening with post-game analysis.

Just Get Into the Tournament

The Jets have reached the NFL’s final four.  The Jets.  A team that needed two late-December mail-in jobs to stay above the .500 mark will make the trip to Indianapolis this week with a Super Bowl berth on the window ledge.  The run it well, led by a guts-in-the-huddle back we once traded for a... Read more »

2009 AFC Prognostications

Falcons, Bears, Eagles, Seahawks, Packers, Saints.  Who joins them in the 2009 postseason? #1 Seed – San Diego ChargersBe honest.  How many games can you see the Chargers losing to the Chiefs, Raiders and Broncos this season?  I’m setting the over/under at half-a-game and taking the under.  That means Rivers & Co. will only need... Read more »