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Living Without McKie, Vasher

Two weeks ago the Chicago Bears made a statement to the NFL by cutting $100 million in paychecks in one twenty-four hour period.  This week they made a statement to fans by cutting Jason McKie and Nathan Vasher.  The statement?  “We’re sorry.” How many times did Ron Turner turn to Jason McKie on third-and-short or... Read more »

Perception vs. Reality at Halas Hall

Perception becomes reality in the NFL almost overnight. Hue Jackson, the quarterbacks coach of a Baltimore Ravens team that could barely throw a pass in the postseason, chose to become the offensive coordinator of the Oakland Raiders.  He chose the unenviable task of tutoring JaMarcus Russell – the worst professional quarterback I’ve ever seen –... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

The Case Against Jeremy Bates David Haugh makes the case that the Bears can not afford to put someone as unproven as Jeremy Bates in charge of the offense.  And while I understand it is a calculated risk, at some point every coach on earth becomes something for the first time.  Referring to him as... Read more »

Ron Turner Fired

The Bears are now looking for an offensive coordinator. The news that the defensive coordinator will be promoted from within just does not make sense to me.  The system is the issue on that side of the ball and the Bears will be returning to another “company man”.  Turner was a terrible play caller (at... Read more »

The Process of 2010

The Chicago Bears didn’t play a terrible football game last night.  They committed too many penalties.  They missed too many open receivers.  They allowed the Philadelphia Eagles to convert way, way too many third-and-longs.  But those things are going to happen to mediocre teams and that’s what the Bears are.  They’re a mediocre team. The... Read more »

Philadelphia at Chicago Preview

For the thousands in attendance, and the millions watching around the world… Your under .500 2009 Chicago BearsoverPhiladelphia Eagles Why do I like the Chicago Bears this week? I always like the Chicago Bears (except for last week). Because I believe, firmly in my soul, that Ron Turner knows he’s going to be fired at... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

Born to RunYou want to know what’s dogging the Bears offense?  Brad Biggs breaks it down quite effectively in his Sun-Times column:  They are tied for 25th in the NFL in red-zone efficiency at 44.4 percent (12-for-27). Here’s the kicker: Entering Monday, only six teams had more opportunities inside the 20-yard line. If the Bears... Read more »

Five Fixes After Beating the Browns

Shocking that in today’s NFL that a team can win 30-6 and display so many flaws but the Bears did just that.  There were positivies from yesterday’s game but not enough to warrant Monday morning attention.  If the Bears plan on making a run for a division title or a place in the postseason, they’re... Read more »

Adams & Turner & Harris OH MY!

Brad Biggs is expecting Gaines Adams to be active this week and he’ll reportedly be taking the active roster spot of Devin Aromashodu.  Two things about this: (1) Was I the only one who had no idea Devin Aromashodu was active last week?  (2) Our defensive ends – outside of Alex Brown – have gone... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

There’s a new debate in town regarding whether the Bears are a running or throwing team.  Well, they can throw it really well and they can’t run it at all.  So what am I missing?  Where’s the debate?  I’ve heard the argument for balance but it just doesn’t hold water.  If you can move the... Read more »