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The First Must-Win Game of 2010

I’d imagine the columns have already been written, saved under “Fire Lovie” on the laptop computers of David Haugh, Rick Telander and Steve Rosenbloom.  They contain the phrases that have filled beat pages and blog posts since 2004: poor clock management, wasted timeouts, poor talent recognition, little accountability, offensive incoherence…etc.  I’m sure a few of... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

Hillenmeyer on Injured ReserveHunter Hillenmeyer’s 2010 season has met its end as the Bears placed him on IR with an undisclosed illness believed to be concussion-related.  If Nick Roach is unable to play in Dallas, that would leave Brian Iwuh, talented but inexperienced, as the only backup linebacker on the active roster.  It’s a sad... Read more »