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Audibles From the Long Snapper

Audibles From the Long Snapper
It’s the slowest time of the NFL season, unless you get excited about franchise tags and press releases from the mediators of collective bargaining sessions.  In Bearsland, it’s no different.   My Thoughts on the Release of Tommie Harris I saw the announcement and I did not care and that, that more than anything, tells... Read more »

Thoughts on Dave Duerson and more...

My entire experience with Dave Duerson is on DVD these days; a set of DVDs chronicling the 1985 Chicago Bears season the Reverend’s parents had made.  I can only say that when hard times hit members of the ’85 team, we all hurt a little deeper and the outpouring of emotion from his teammates is... Read more »

Depth Chart Analysis

The NFL is it.  We’ve got between five thousand and fifteen thousand fans at training camps all over the country.  Beat writers Twittering detailed play-by-plays from the practices.  Those same beat writers reporting initial depth charts as if they’re news worthy (and fans like me caring).  The minutiae of the NFL off-season has officially usurped... Read more »