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Executing/Altering the Big Blueprint

Congrats to JAB and FRESNO, CA BEAR FAN – both are headed to the Bears v. Eagles game Sunday.  The decision was not easy and the entries were terrific but I went with a combination of good story and site loyalty.  JAB will be bringing his eight year-old son and FRESNO his father, set to... Read more »

Three Ways To Beat the Vikings

Prevent the Big AP Run I never believe in the statistics when it comes to the Bears rush defense, especially against AP.  Peterson has had a knack for playing possum throughout a first half and then breaking an 85 yarder and breaking open the football game.  For me, this responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders... Read more »

This Just In: Chicago Bears are Good

While the major magazines and websites have been ranking the Chicago Bears somewhere in the bottom third of the NFL, I will impolitely and unapologetically disagree.  I don’t think the Bears can make the playoffs.  I think the Bears should make the playoffs.  And while I’ve spent the last few months encouraging the organization to... Read more »

Three Must Happens in 2010

I was asked in a bar the other night what I believed the Bears needed to do to make the postseason.  I quickly rambled off a list of eight or nine things and spent the following morning attempting to put that drunken incoherence into a tangible column for you, my blog buddies.  First, there is... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

Brandon Marshall: Out in Denver?BM is in great shape and preparing for this weekend’s Pro Bowl to be the last game he plays in a Denver Broncos’ helmet.  Marshall will be trade bait come early March and should fetch a sum that includes a number one draft pick.  While we’d all love to see the... Read more »

Injury Updates and THE PICKS!

Brad Biggs reports that Desmond Clark has made a terrific recovery and may play Sunday. I think he shouldn’t.  Take the extra two weeks to rehabilitate the ribs and come back flying in the wherever-the-Falcons-play. Hunter Hillenmeyer and Pisa Tinoisamoa are highly doubtful for the Lions.  This means the starting corps of Briggs-Urlacher-Tinoisamoa will be Briggs-Roach-Williams... Read more »

Thoughts on the Defense...

I’m obsessed with the offense, primarily because there’s something to be obsessed with.  But upon second viewing of last night’s ballgame, there’s a lot to discuss on the other side of the ball. 1. Pisa Tinoisamoa and Kevin Payne will give the Bears better protection against tight ends and screen games than the club has... Read more »

Don't Eat Their Porridge

The story of the three possible Bears… Pisa Tinoisamoa The St. Louis Post-Dispatch details the reasons for his release from the Rams. Tino’s speed and versatility would make him a perfect fit for the Lovie Deuce but I’d just like to see them add some new blood to the unit. If the Bears enter the... Read more »