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2010 Bears Could Become 1984 Bears

Those of you yearning for the Bears to become a more consistent franchise, here’s a question: has any team in the NFC been consistently great over the last decade?  Consistently good, even?  The answer is simple.  No, unless you consider Andy Reid’s inevitable postseason failings each year good.  Peter King actually included an interesting tidbit... Read more »

Even More Audibles From the Long Snapper

I guess it’s that kind of week.  That kind of game.  For the first time since it’s initial debut, here comes the third Audibles in a single week. Chris Harris/Major Wright – Bears Weakness to Watch The Bears have put no starters on IR this season and are heading into the NFC Championship Game with... Read more »

The Brian Cushing Precedent

Peter King supports the AP’s decision to re-vote on the Defensive ROY Award given to Brian Cushing for his 2009 performance.  (For those who don’t know, Cushing tested positive for the same hCG Manny Ramirez missed fifty games last year for.)  He doesn’t give too many ideological reasons outside of his clear disdain for the use... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

Hey folks.  Trying to weigh in on issues when they’re of interest but May and June are essentially the only down months of the NFL season.   Mike Tice Likes J’Marcus Webb While it’s unlikely Webb will make much of an impact in 2010, Tice seems to believe Webb has a future as a starting... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

So as most of you know, this is the time of year where I’m least prolific on the site.  I just hate wasting space trying to guess what free agents will be available and what trades are possibilities.  That coupled with the uncertainty of the CBA means I’ll just respond to things as they actually... Read more »

King on Cutler

Peter King writes extensively about the Chicago Bears today.  Don’t get used to it because, starting next weekend, you’ll notice PK’s columns have an awful difficult time not rotating between Brett Favre and the New England Patriots.  The entire piece is worth reading but this is the most interesting passage: “You have to be pretty... Read more »