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Five Plays That Defined the Season

Talk around the league is that Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo have slammed the vault door and begun their evaluation of the 2009 Chicago Bears.  To understand the disaster that was this deceptively terrible 7-9 campaign, one needs only look to five distinct plays. #5 Brian Urlacher Shatters Wrist I was wrong and have admitted... Read more »

Starting Orlando Pace?

Vaughn McClure reported this morning that Orlando Pace was warming up for practice and the Sun-Times reiterated the point by proclaiming that “Left tackle Orlando Pace (groin) practiced on a limited basis but is expected to start.”   If Lovie Smith starts Pace at left tackle on Sunday, he should be fired before kickoff.  Chris Williams is... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

Chris Williams Moved to Left TackleLovie Smith officially acknowledged today that the team has moved Chris Williams to left tackle.  Of course, in typical Chicago Bears fashion, they waited until Orlando Pace could be embarrassed and subsequently injured by the fierce Vikings defensive front.  Jay Cutler’s blindside immediately becomes the only thing worth watching against... Read more »

Not Ready To Be Good

I could spend the entire morning listing everything I disliked about the Bears’ mistake-laden performance in Atlanta last night. But really, is it worth it?  On a night when the defense held a terrific offense to twenty-one points, Cutler & Company buffooned their way around the field and threw away a chance at victory. We... Read more »

Bye Week Blues

To paraphrase the great Van Morrison, “Have I told you lately how much I hate goddamn bye weeks?”  Well I hate bye weeks, especially this early in the season.  I understand it comes at a perfect time for the ailing Bears but I was just getting into the flow and rhythm of my Sunday routine... Read more »

Olsen, Pace, Payne Must Improve

No matter what you’re told, Sunday is not a must-win ballgame for the Chicago Bears.  Falling to 0-2 puts the shovel to dirt but it does not even dig the hole, let alone bury the club.  What’s most important for this team is marked improvement on a week-to-week basis through the first six games of... Read more »

Four More Under the Microscope

The New York Giants are the kind of team you want to play in the preseason.  They have the best defensive line and one of the best offensive lines in the sport.  If you’ve been going easy on tackling this summer, Brandon Jacobs will change that in a hurry.  They’ll test your corners with short... Read more »

Three for Tuesday

Okay, guys, so it is done.  If you look at the right side of the screen (and scroll down a bit), you’ll see the constant updates from the writers covering camp, some players and correspondance to them from fans.  It’s actually pretty cool. Cedric Benson Still Hasn’t LearnedI don’t care if Cedric Benson believes the... Read more »