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I Used to Love the NFL in April

This was an actual dialogue between my brother Jon (a die-hard Jets fan) and myself (a Chicago Bears addict): Jon: I haven’t followed any of this labor stuff. Me: I haven’t either. Jon: I just don’t care. Me: Just let me know when they play the games. Jon: How was the US vs. Argentina game?... Read more »

Bears Must Protect Return Game From NFL

Bears Must Protect Return Game From NFL
UPDATE: KICKOFFS OFFICIALLY MOVED TO 35.  TOUCHBACKS REMAIN AT 20.  PER NFL.COM. The NFL Competition Committee, the talented group of brainiacs that meet each offseason and discuss the minutiae of the NFL game experience, are proposing moving kickoffs from the 30 to the 35 yard-line for reasons of player safety I simply don’t understand.  The... Read more »

Lockout Thread

Jerry Jones at home. Blindly supporting the players or owners in a CBA situation can be a problematic approach, especially during barroom discussions.  If you support the owners, you’re a right-winger who has no compassion for the working man.  If you support the players, you’re a socialist who believes it’s more important for millionaires to... Read more »

How To Evaluate This Draft

1. It is a success if either Jarron Gilbert or Henry Melton is a productive part of the defensive line rotation when the Bears open the season in Green Bay. 2. It is a failure if Juaquin Iglesias spends a year learning all the positions and catching no passes. This kid, simply by being drafting... Read more »