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Audibles From the Long Snapper

Worst Case Scenario I had this thought this morning.  Imagine a scenario where Julius Peppers sacks Donovan McNabb in the fourth quarter, knocking him out of the game.  And Rex Grossman enters, leading his team on a game-winning drive.  My God.  That would feel like the end of the world. Dan Pompei quotes the former... Read more »

Breaking Down the Washington Redskins

Very interesting to study the Washington Redskins against the Indianapolis Colts – defensive sister school of the Chicago Bears.  The Colts and Bears have nothing in common on the other side of the ball but that doesn’t mean there was nothing to be learned.  Here are my thoughts on the ‘Skins. Brian Orakpo already has... Read more »

The Move is Shanahan. The Time is Now.

From Monday’s Peter King: “The Bears (21-26 since Super Bowl Sunday 2007, with no playoff wins) have been an abominable disappointment this season, and they lost their eighth game in the past 10 Sunday at Baltimore.” King writes. “The Jay Cutler trade, an abject failure. The offense, pathetic. Does it make sense to clean house,... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

Next Year Has Arrived One continuing theme has emerged in articles surrounding the Chicago Bears: next year.  The Bears see upside in Gaines Adams…in 2010.  Lance Briggs thinks the team needs to begin moving forward.  Devin Hester knows changes are coming.  This is the definition of depressing for a football fan.  Did anyone comment this... Read more »