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Audibles From the Turkey Snapper

David Haugh Argues With HimselfDavid Haugh’s column in today’s Trib is titled “Now is no time to extend Smith’s contract”.  Wow, Dave, really?  Now is also not the time to purchase property in the Gaza Strip or have relations with a Palin daughter.  This is one of those ESPNy type articles that I hate, hate,... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

Worst Case Scenario I had this thought this morning.  Imagine a scenario where Julius Peppers sacks Donovan McNabb in the fourth quarter, knocking him out of the game.  And Rex Grossman enters, leading his team on a game-winning drive.  My God.  That would feel like the end of the world. Dan Pompei quotes the former... Read more »

More Audibles...

Mark Anderson?  Really?I’m not going to read any column that begins “If Mark Anderson wants to be a part of the Bears‘ future, he can make a strong case over the last two games.”  Mark Anderson has seen more than enough snaps over the past few seasons to make it very clear that he is... Read more »

It's Time For Virginia Halas

I could write a response today to Brad Biggs’ Trib column, outlining the number of penalties committed by the most unfocused Chicago Bears team of my lifetime.  I could write how vehemently I agree with Barry Rozner’s Daily Herald column, arguing that firing Ron Turner is essentially placing a band-aid on a corpse.  But while... Read more »

Four on Friday

Dan Pompei writes a column claiming that defensive scheming is the reason Greg Olsen’s been underwhelming this season.  It’s a ridiculous column.  If Greg Olsen is the elite-type player his ability suggests, he needs to beat nickel corners in man coverage.  If Greg Olsen is the elite-type player his ability suggests, Ron Turner needs to... Read more »

I'm Vick as a Dog

Scooter was a miniature dachshund and the kind of dog little kids dream of having.  She used to umpire wiffle ball games between my brothers and I in our Kearny, New Jersey driveway.  I’m a dog lover because of Scooter.  Now Mike Mulligan wants the Chicago Bears to sign Michael Vick.  And it makes sense.... Read more »