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What the Bears Can Learn From Sunday

What the Bears Can Learn From Sunday
Editor’s Note: The final four remaining in the Fantasy Playoffs (Shady, BigT, IrishSweetness and MikeBrownhadaPosse) need to have their Super Bowl selections to me by Friday at 12:00 pm CST.   Editor’s Note II: Keep piling on the t-shirt ideas on the post below.  I’m going to look at the options on Thursday and will... Read more »

More Audibles From the Long Snapper

Lots of posts this week, kids, due to lots of traffic/interest in the site.  I keep it coming with a second dose of Audibles… Urlacher Wants Lovie Extended Vaughn McClure reports that Brian Urlacher is now publicly lobbying for a contract extension for his head coach, Lovie Smith, and hopefully his opinion means nothing to... Read more »

Packers at Bears NFC Championship Preview

I won’t sleep Saturday night and I might not sleep Friday night without the aid of my old friend Ethyl Alcohol.  If this were the Falcons on the opposing sideline, the Saints…who knows?  But it is the Green Bay Packers, the oldest rival of our beloved franchise, and I can’t stomach the notion of Aaron... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

Benching Tommie Harris There are very few writers out there as critical of the play-for-play coaching decisions of Lovie Smith as I am.  I think he is as brutal a clock manager as there is in the sport.  I think he acts stubbornly in support of his own poor decisions.  (Who didn’t know he’d go... Read more »