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Audibles From the Long Snapper

Garza Returns to Right Guard Brad Biggs is reporting that Roberto Garza will return to right guard position in Toronto, giving the Bears their 412th different offensive line alignment in 2010.  In replacing Edwin Williams, I think Garza-Webb gives the Bears their best chance on the right side.  (I don’t think Webb should move from... Read more »

Redskins at Bears Game Preview

It is the game that will let us know what to expect from the remainder of the 2010 campaign.  Are the Chicago Bears capable of holding their division lead over the next two months, keeping the charging Packers and Vikings at bay?  Or are the Chicago Bears bound for a season’s worth of scoreboard watching,... Read more »

Random Thoughts on a Disastrous Performance

Some losses hurt.  This one didn’t, at least it didn’t hurt me.  Here are my random thoughts on yesterday’s coaching disaster at Soldier Field.   It is time for Lovie Smith to start exercising some authority on the offensive side of the ball.  Continuing to drop back seven steps with no perimeter blockers is equivalent... Read more »

Seahawks at Bears Game Preview

Last week my predictions were as good as they’ve been in a couple years, coming within 8 total points of the score.  I’m feeling it again today. YOUR TODD COLLINS-LESS 2010 CHICAGO BEARSoverSeattle Seahawks Why do I like the Chicago Bears this week? I always like the Chicago Bears. I expect taking a week off... Read more »

Reasons To Curb Enthusiasm...a little

I can live with this collection of skill players.  The safety position has been remarkably solid.  The corners, especially Peanut Tillman, have played well.  The linebackers are brilliant.  Julius Peppers is just about the best defensive player in the game right now.  So why aren’t the people covering and cheering on the Chicago Bears going... Read more »

Bears at Panthers Game Preview

It’s hard to predict what the Chicago Bears offense will look like with 116 year-old Todd Collins at the quarterback position.  The Vegas odds are probably on “ugly”.  But sometimes a team needs to win a game ugly to remind themselves they can.  I think Sunday is one of those days when the 2010 Bears... Read more »

Wait, We're Supposed to Block Those Guys?

It rained on me in the Meadowlands last night and I didn’t mind.  Because a tornado could have picked up out of that beautiful new facility in the swamp, swirled me around in the sky and flung me into the glass of the Whiskey Cafe in Lyndhurst and I still would not have felt as... Read more »

The Marriage of Mike & Jay

Something became apparent yesterday, as the Chicago Bears beat the Dallas Cowboys when every single human being in the football-knowledge picked them to lose.  The often cantankerous, ridiculously gifted quarterback and the mad scientist offensive coordinator are a match.  eHarmony couldn’t have connected a better pair.  Jay Cutler and Mike Martz were made for each... Read more »

Everyone Surprised (but me), Bears Beat Boys

Just a flat-out terrific victory for this team.  Here are some thoughts. I have never seen a Bears team make the kind of adjustments the Bears made in-game yesterday.  The offensive line was so overmatched early that I thought we were looking at a thirty or forty point defeat.  Instead Lovie, Martz, Tice or whomever... Read more »

Lovie On the Rocks

I don’t know how to write about Lovie Smith anymore.  But I keep trying.  I don’t know if I’m allowed to criticize his scheming on the Calvin Johnson fake touchdown without crediting him for a series of perfectly-designed blitzes throughout the game.  (Both Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs were untouched on stunts.)  I don’t know... Read more »