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Jason Whitlock's Unique Approach to Lockout

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Audibles From the Long Snapper

‘Vanilla’ Approach a Definitive Advantage Neil Hayes writes a very interesting column in the Sun-Times today, claiming the Bears gained a significant advantage by almost pulling a Week Seventeen upset over the Packers while instituting a vanilla scheme.   His players gave every ounce of effort on the field. Smith even risked injuries to quarterback... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper: Bears Edition

Method to Angelo’s Madness? Dan Pompei writes an interesting piece in the Trib, analyzing the appropriation of finances over the past year that enabled Jerry Angelo to build an intriguing roster of bona fide stars and workmanlike role players.   The Bears got more out of players this year because part of their vision was... Read more »

Reasons To Curb Enthusiasm...a little

I can live with this collection of skill players.  The safety position has been remarkably solid.  The corners, especially Peanut Tillman, have played well.  The linebackers are brilliant.  Julius Peppers is just about the best defensive player in the game right now.  So why aren’t the people covering and cheering on the Chicago Bears going... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

I should be back to full strength by tomorrow. Cut Todd Collins If Jay Cutler is not cleared to play Sunday, the Chicago Bears can under no circumstances allow Todd Collins to be the starting quarterback.  They should not even allow Collins to occupy a spot on the roster.  Collins was supposed to be the... Read more »

Bears Targeting Defensive Ends

According to Jason La Canfora of NFL.com, the Bears are targeting both Julius Peppers and Aaron Kampman.  It is very exciting to know that, if these rumors are true, the Chicago Bears’ brain trust has finally recognized that the defensive lineup lacks the requisite talent to compete for a championship.  According to La Canfora: Peppers,... Read more »