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Thursday Night Thread & Picks Contest Bonus

Thursday Night Thread & Picks Contest Bonus
Picks Contest Bonus Simple: Give me C.J. Spiller’s total yards from scrimmage (running + receiving + passing) for the Buffalo Bills. I think Spiller is one of the best and least utilized backs in football and I think he’ll have a breakout night at home against the Dolphins. My number: 188. Get it right and... Read more »

Bears at Dolphins Game Thread

Jersey boy returns to Miami.

Bears at Dolphins Game Preview

The 6-3 Chicago Bears have had one of the strangest seasons in recent memory, losing when they should win and winning when they should lose.  Who are they?  Who knows.  But stringing together three straight wins heading into the Thanksgiving holiday would surely announce them as contenders not only for the NFC North but the... Read more »

A Most Special Advantage

When analyzing the coming contest with the Miami Dolphins, one thing becomes abundantly clear: the Bears have their most lopsided special teams advantage of the 2010 season. The Bears are fourth in kickoff return average; the Dolphins twentieth.  Neither team has scored a touchdown but the Bears have a 4-1 advantage when it comes to... Read more »

The Stakes of Thursday Night

The Philadelphia Eagles, and most specifically Michael Vick, put the NFC on notice last night in Washington.  Delivering the finest performance the conference has seen this season, Andy Reid’s team looked dominant on offense and advantageous on defense – doing to the Redskins what Jay Cutler and the Bears could not do three weeks ago.... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

Will Jay Cutler Play Sunday? David Haugh urges the Bears to rest Jay Cutler until he’s fully recovered from a concussion.  This is one of those articles I think sportswriters write to feel good about themselves.  Of course the Bears are not going to put their franchise on the field if he’s not fully recovered... Read more »

Another Reason to Fire Lovie Smith

When the Dolphins were down, way down, they turned to Bill Parcells.  The Tuna, a Jersey guy who is inarguably the greatest evaluator of talent in the modern era, brought in his own general manager and dumped Cam Cameron after only one year.  (The Dolphins swallowed at least nine million dollars of Cameron’s contract.)  They... Read more »