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Bears at Dolphins Game Preview

The 6-3 Chicago Bears have had one of the strangest seasons in recent memory, losing when they should win and winning when they should lose.  Who are they?  Who knows.  But stringing together three straight wins heading into the Thanksgiving holiday would surely announce them as contenders not only for the NFC North but the... Read more »

The Bears Have Life

Quick turnaround for us and the site this week.  Here are my thoughts on yesterday’s ultra-fulfilling contest. Two mistakes cost this from being a masterpiece.  Chris Harris can’t blow deep coverage on the Percy Harvin touchdown grab.  He has only one assignment on the play and Harvin was the only viable receiver on the Vikings... Read more »

Random Thoughts on a Disastrous Performance

Some losses hurt.  This one didn’t, at least it didn’t hurt me.  Here are my random thoughts on yesterday’s coaching disaster at Soldier Field.   It is time for Lovie Smith to start exercising some authority on the offensive side of the ball.  Continuing to drop back seven steps with no perimeter blockers is equivalent... Read more »

Everyone Surprised (but me), Bears Beat Boys

Just a flat-out terrific victory for this team.  Here are some thoughts. I have never seen a Bears team make the kind of adjustments the Bears made in-game yesterday.  The offensive line was so overmatched early that I thought we were looking at a thirty or forty point defeat.  Instead Lovie, Martz, Tice or whomever... Read more »

Three Guys I Want On the Roster

As simple as I can say it, I shall.  Here are three guys I want on the Bears roster.Johnny Knox A rare species of wide receiver who reminds me a lot of a raw Santana Moss.  Knox’s athletic ability, specifically in the return game, can be an asset from day one. Matt ToeainaI know that... Read more »

Players to Watch Tomorrow Night

If you’ve ever had bed bugs, you know why I’ve been one-and-done posting the last couple days.  Needless to say I’m looking forward to getting the Bears on the television set tomorrow night and watching the entire first half in slow motion. (Not kidding about this.  It’s the only way to evaluate linemen.) Here are... Read more »

Dvoracek Out For Season

Brad Biggs is reporting that Dusty Dvoracek will have season-ending (and Bears tenure-ending) surgery.  Sad.  Dusty D was an easy player to root for because of his seemingly endless motor.  This is a tough fucking sport and I feel terrible when hard-working players like Dusty lose a year of their professional life due to injury. ... Read more »