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Audibles From the Long Snapper: NFL Edition

So before we get to the Weekend of the Wild Card, I figured I’d weigh in on the happenings around the league over this past week. Leslie Frazier is a solid choice for the Minnesota Vikings but I wonder if they interviewed any non-minority candidates. The Raiders went undefeated in their division and finally looked... Read more »

Breaking Down the Minnesota Vikings

Here are my thoughts on the Minnesota Vikings, as currently constructed, as the Bears prepare to face them in the horribly cold conditions at the University of Minnesota.  I’m straying from the normal analysis and trying to look at this one a bit differently. I want Percy Harvin to start.  I have sung Dave Toub’s... Read more »

Why Haven't the Bears Hired Any Coordinators?

I have decided, until further notice, I am no longer going to make checking the websites of the Tribune and the Sun-Times part of my morning ritual.  I don’t care about Carlton Fisk’s take on the steroids era or how many players on the Bulls have the flu.  I think, and I can’t prove this... Read more »