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Audibles From the Long Snapper: Lions Fan, Trestman's Candor, Bar Audio Replay...

Audibles From the Long Snapper: Lions Fan, Trestman's Candor, Bar Audio Replay...
THIS LIONS FAN WAS ENJOYABLE If NFL Network just scrapped their unbearably awful programming and aired thirty-two videos like this on Monday, wouldn’t be a far more popular network? It’s fun to watch a fan start by telling us he’s not upset and then slowly watch him descend into madness. ___________________________________________ STUPID SPORTS MOTIVATIONAL TWEET... Read more »

2010 Chicago Bears: Final Evaluation

2010 Chicago Bears: Final Evaluation
Evaluating the 2010 Chicago Bears was a difficult proposition.  There seemed to be a success ultimatum as we believed we were looking at the end of tenures for both Lovie Smith and GM Jerry Angelo.  Make the playoffs or else.  Win a playoff game or else.  The season brought two new coordinators and one of... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

Hasselbeck Says Briggs Takes Game to “Another Level” Matt Hasselbeck wants to carry over the confidence from their early-season victory at Soldier Field but believes Lance Briggs being on the field squelches that a bit: “He’s huge,” Hasselbeck said. “I think he’s arguably one of the best defensive players in the game. I think he’s... Read more »

Bears Should Rest Starters at Lambeau

Joe Webb and the Minnesota Vikings – in defense of every beagle, labrador and collie of this nation – thoroughly dominated the Philadelphia Eagles last night and handed the Chicago Bears a first round bye.  Shortly thereafter a collective groan was heard in and around the New York metropolitan area.  Giants fans, who never stopped recounting their fourth-quarter meltdown during... Read more »

A Time for the Bears to Kill

I had a few thoughts last night when asked by a bartender how good I think the Chicago Bears are.  I spooned some potato and leek soup into my mouth, sipped an ice cold club soda and tried to put into perspective this bizarre season.  Exciting start, terrible four-game stretch, bye, the emergence of an... Read more »

Executing/Altering the Big Blueprint

Congrats to JAB and FRESNO, CA BEAR FAN – both are headed to the Bears v. Eagles game Sunday.  The decision was not easy and the entries were terrific but I went with a combination of good story and site loyalty.  JAB will be bringing his eight year-old son and FRESNO his father, set to... Read more »

Bears Have Championship Defense

We all wondered, heading into the bye week, whether Lovie Smith and Mike Martz could fix their offensive struggles.  To a certain extent they did, committing to the run and minimizing the risks Jay Cutler takes down the field.  But what’s been even more impressive is that since the bye week the Bears have been... Read more »

Three Ways To Beat the Vikings

Prevent the Big AP Run I never believe in the statistics when it comes to the Bears rush defense, especially against AP.  Peterson has had a knack for playing possum throughout a first half and then breaking an 85 yarder and breaking open the football game.  For me, this responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders... Read more »

Redskins at Bears Game Preview

It is the game that will let us know what to expect from the remainder of the 2010 campaign.  Are the Chicago Bears capable of holding their division lead over the next two months, keeping the charging Packers and Vikings at bay?  Or are the Chicago Bears bound for a season’s worth of scoreboard watching,... Read more »

Breaking Down the Washington Redskins

Very interesting to study the Washington Redskins against the Indianapolis Colts – defensive sister school of the Chicago Bears.  The Colts and Bears have nothing in common on the other side of the ball but that doesn’t mean there was nothing to be learned.  Here are my thoughts on the ‘Skins. Brian Orakpo already has... Read more »