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Bears at Giants Game Preview

In front of what will feel like Soldier Field Sunday night, the Bears attempt to shock the football world and open 4-0. YOUR BIG GAME 2010 CHICAGO BEARS over New York Giants Why do I like the Chicago Bears this week? I always like the Chicago Bears. The Giants linebackers and defensive backs don’t match... Read more »

Breaking Down the New York Giants

I’ve seen all three of the Giants games this season, having just finished watching their odd contest with the Tennessee Titans.  They dominated the awful Carolina Panthers in the second half.  They were dominated throughout by the Indianapolis Colts.  Here’s what I discerned from the Titans tape. Offense The Giants run game that ushered them... Read more »

Thoughts on Beating the Packers

Raise your hand if last night reminded you of 2006.  There is one major difference.   Jay Cutler is 1,000,000 times the quarterback Rex Grossman ever was.  This might be the worst offensive line in football and Cutler created offense last night where there was none to be found. My mindless support of Greg Olsen... Read more »

Bears Must Cover for Overmatched Shaffer

From Neil Hayes’ Inside the Bears section at the Sun-Times: Olin Kreutz seemed to indicate that Frank Omiyale will be starting at left tackle against the Packers on Monday night. Then again, I could be reading too much into it. Kreutz was asked if he was confident in whomever ends up playing left tackle. Here’s... Read more »