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Audibles From the Long Snapper

Lovie Blames the PlayersInteresting comments from Lovie Smith regarding his disaster of a defense: “We have been in position to make some plays,” said Bears coach Lovie Smith. “It’s still a playmaker’s game and when you have a situation to make a play, we need to. “As far as why (it’s happening), there is a... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

The Old Formula David Haugh, drawing on direct quotes from Lovie Smith, referred to what the Bears did against the Rams Sunday as “the old formula”.  Let me clear up two myths: (1) The Bears did not even average four yards a rush on Sunday.  Just because they ran the ball a lot does not... Read more »

Olsen, Pace, Payne Must Improve

No matter what you’re told, Sunday is not a must-win ballgame for the Chicago Bears.  Falling to 0-2 puts the shovel to dirt but it does not even dig the hole, let alone bury the club.  What’s most important for this team is marked improvement on a week-to-week basis through the first six games of... Read more »

Odds & Ends & THE PICKS!

Three links of interest… (1) I had zero knowledge of Daryl Drake’s impact on the receiving career of Hines Ward but kudos to Brad Biggs for the information.  Ward is the most well-rounded receiver in the sport and this bodes nicely for Drake’s ability to develop Hester, Bennett and Knox.    (2) Has any single... Read more »

Thoughts on the Defense...

I’m obsessed with the offense, primarily because there’s something to be obsessed with.  But upon second viewing of last night’s ballgame, there’s a lot to discuss on the other side of the ball. 1. Pisa Tinoisamoa and Kevin Payne will give the Bears better protection against tight ends and screen games than the club has... Read more »