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2011 Chicago Bears Draft About Toughness

Here is the problem with the NFL Draft: it is televised.  Because it is televised (and for me one of the most singularly boring events in the history of the medium) fans have taken to rampaging against their organization’s lower round selections as means of flaming the torches and marching up the castle to kill... Read more »

Bears Should Target Sidney Rice

Barring a surprising move by the Minnesota Vikings, many believe wide receiver Sidney Rice will be dipping his wick into free agency waters next months.  There will be other receivers sure to draw interest from Chicago Bears management, regardless of Dan Pompei’s inane belief that the position is not a necessity for the club.  Braylon... Read more »

Off-Season Audibles From the Long Snapper

Editor’s Note: The 2011 t-shirt designs will be out in the next few weeks.  We’re just getting things ready in order to present them in the best way possible. Marshall Faulk’s Pointed Criticism of Wide Receivers There are very few football men I respect more than Marshall Faulk.  He was one of the most dominant... Read more »

2010 Chicago Bears: Final Evaluation

2010 Chicago Bears: Final Evaluation
Evaluating the 2010 Chicago Bears was a difficult proposition.  There seemed to be a success ultimatum as we believed we were looking at the end of tenures for both Lovie Smith and GM Jerry Angelo.  Make the playoffs or else.  Win a playoff game or else.  The season brought two new coordinators and one of... Read more »

From Famine to Feast at Receiver, Line, Safety

Yesterday, at Soldier Field, the Chicago Bears won the type of football game I never imagined they could win.  They got into an old fashioned shootout with a good Jets offense, scored thirty-eight points and after refusing to tackle all game saved their best defensive effort for the final minutes.  But yesterday was not about... Read more »

Thoughts on an Exhilarating Victory

The 2010 Chicago Bears announced their presence to the NFL yesterday afternoon by soundly defeating the overhyped and overmatched Philadelphia Eagles.  Here are my thoughts. Nobody has been more critical of the man than me but Lovie Smith is my NFL Coach of the Year right now.  His turning around this team coming off the bye... Read more »

The Bears Have Life

Quick turnaround for us and the site this week.  Here are my thoughts on yesterday’s ultra-fulfilling contest. Two mistakes cost this from being a masterpiece.  Chris Harris can’t blow deep coverage on the Percy Harvin touchdown grab.  He has only one assignment on the play and Harvin was the only viable receiver on the Vikings... Read more »

Hester to Kickoff Returns. Now.

The following is a column I have written about 92 times. The Bears converted Devin Hester to wide receiver because they wanted him to touch the ball more than the half dozen times a game he would on special teams.  (He has 25 touches on offense this season, a tad more than 3 a game).... Read more »

Everyone Surprised (but me), Bears Beat Boys

Just a flat-out terrific victory for this team.  Here are some thoughts. I have never seen a Bears team make the kind of adjustments the Bears made in-game yesterday.  The offensive line was so overmatched early that I thought we were looking at a thirty or forty point defeat.  Instead Lovie, Martz, Tice or whomever... Read more »

Nobody Plays Fourth Preseason Game

There is going to be a push from the media and frantic fans to get the Bears to march their starters onto the field in Cleveland for another meaningless football game.  There are going to be echos of “you’re not ready” and “we need to build momentum”.  It’s all nonsense.  Lovie Smith needs to start... Read more »