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Bears Should Rest Starters at Lambeau

Joe Webb and the Minnesota Vikings – in defense of every beagle, labrador and collie of this nation – thoroughly dominated the Philadelphia Eagles last night and handed the Chicago Bears a first round bye.  Shortly thereafter a collective groan was heard in and around the New York metropolitan area.  Giants fans, who never stopped recounting their fourth-quarter meltdown during... Read more »

Two Monday Night Tidbits

The Bears are preparing to protest the playing of Monday night’s game outdoors at TCF Bank Stadium because they believe the surface of the ground might actually be frozen.  (This seems to me, in the concussion age, a valid argument.)  The Vikings don’t want to play in Indianapolis because they believe it will become a... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

Bears Will Play Vikings at University of Minnesota The Metrodome will not be repaired by Monday’s night ballgame and the Vikings/NFL announced late yesterday that the game will be moved outdoors to TCF Bank Stadium.  I can’t imagine a Vikings team with nothing to play for getting fired up for the projected 0 degree weather,... Read more »