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Emery Contiues to Surprise in March

Emery Contiues to Surprise in March
Phil Emery landed the surprise of the 2012 off-season with his acquisition of Brandon Marshall from the Miami Dolphins for a pair of third-round picks. Marshall rewarded Emery by delivering one of the most impressive offensive seasons in the history of the Chicago Bears and in my opinion allowing Emery the grace period which led... Read more »

Offensive Line, Offensive Line, Offensive Line...

There is a belief in the sports world that the NFL season is now 52 weeks long and allows coaches and organizations only the short break between the end of their season and the start of the scouting combine in Indianapolis (the shorter that break, the more successful your season). For the Chicago Bears, I’m... Read more »

Positional Analysis: Offensive Line

The Bears had serious issues on the offensive line at the end of the 2009 season.  In mid-January they hired one of the best line coaches in the sport, Mike Tice.  They believed their second-year, first-round draft pick would assume the role of top tier left tackle.  They believed Frank Omiyale’s versatility would be an... Read more »

2010 Chicago Bears: Final Evaluation

2010 Chicago Bears: Final Evaluation
Evaluating the 2010 Chicago Bears was a difficult proposition.  There seemed to be a success ultimatum as we believed we were looking at the end of tenures for both Lovie Smith and GM Jerry Angelo.  Make the playoffs or else.  Win a playoff game or else.  The season brought two new coordinators and one of... Read more »

2010 Bears Could Become 1984 Bears

Those of you yearning for the Bears to become a more consistent franchise, here’s a question: has any team in the NFC been consistently great over the last decade?  Consistently good, even?  The answer is simple.  No, unless you consider Andy Reid’s inevitable postseason failings each year good.  Peter King actually included an interesting tidbit... Read more »

Thoughts on Division Round Dominance

It was as dominant as the Chicago Bears have been this season, only letting the Seahawks make the game look closer by mailing in the last five minutes or so.  I have a lot of thoughts. Good for Jay Cutler.  After taking some of the most personally pointed abuse of his career by Dick Reilly,... Read more »

From Famine to Feast at Receiver, Line, Safety

Yesterday, at Soldier Field, the Chicago Bears won the type of football game I never imagined they could win.  They got into an old fashioned shootout with a good Jets offense, scored thirty-eight points and after refusing to tackle all game saved their best defensive effort for the final minutes.  But yesterday was not about... Read more »

The Bears Have Life

Quick turnaround for us and the site this week.  Here are my thoughts on yesterday’s ultra-fulfilling contest. Two mistakes cost this from being a masterpiece.  Chris Harris can’t blow deep coverage on the Percy Harvin touchdown grab.  He has only one assignment on the play and Harvin was the only viable receiver on the Vikings... Read more »

Many Thoughts on the Canadian Escape

This was exactly the game Cutler/Martz needed to have and they were aided by an improving offensive line (although we’ll learn how improved next Sunday).  Cutler was efficient and smart with the football, making a couple spectacular throw when he had a chance to set his feet and hurl it.  Those few extra seconds the... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

Garza Returns to Right Guard Brad Biggs is reporting that Roberto Garza will return to right guard position in Toronto, giving the Bears their 412th different offensive line alignment in 2010.  In replacing Edwin Williams, I think Garza-Webb gives the Bears their best chance on the right side.  (I don’t think Webb should move from... Read more »