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Gaines Adams Dies at 26

Full story: here. This is very sad news.  Adams was the source of great debate on this website and of Bears fans around the country.  But no young man should leave this world after only twenty-six years.

Audibles From the Long Snapper

Next Year Has Arrived One continuing theme has emerged in articles surrounding the Chicago Bears: next year.  The Bears see upside in Gaines Adams…in 2010.  Lance Briggs thinks the team needs to begin moving forward.  Devin Hester knows changes are coming.  This is the definition of depressing for a football fan.  Did anyone comment this... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

Chris Williams Moved to Left TackleLovie Smith officially acknowledged today that the team has moved Chris Williams to left tackle.  Of course, in typical Chicago Bears fashion, they waited until Orlando Pace could be embarrassed and subsequently injured by the fierce Vikings defensive front.  Jay Cutler’s blindside immediately becomes the only thing worth watching against... Read more »

The Process of 2010

The Chicago Bears didn’t play a terrible football game last night.  They committed too many penalties.  They missed too many open receivers.  They allowed the Philadelphia Eagles to convert way, way too many third-and-longs.  But those things are going to happen to mediocre teams and that’s what the Bears are.  They’re a mediocre team. The... Read more »

Five Things That Have To Change

The Chicago Bears can no longer employ Tommie Harris.  Today was Tank Johnson’s gun house and Cedric Benson’s boat ride.  I don’t care if he goes to another organization and leads the universe in sacks and tackles-for-loss.  I don’t want him anymore and I think if you polled fans, over 90% would agree with me.... Read more »

Adams & Turner & Harris OH MY!

Brad Biggs is expecting Gaines Adams to be active this week and he’ll reportedly be taking the active roster spot of Devin Aromashodu.  Two things about this: (1) Was I the only one who had no idea Devin Aromashodu was active last week?  (2) Our defensive ends – outside of Alex Brown – have gone... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

There’s a new debate in town regarding whether the Bears are a running or throwing team.  Well, they can throw it really well and they can’t run it at all.  So what am I missing?  Where’s the debate?  I’ve heard the argument for balance but it just doesn’t hold water.  If you can move the... Read more »

Bears Acquire Gaines Adams

Apologies if I’ve been absent in recent days.  Going into rehearsals on a new musical Tuesday and making the final push to get the show ready.  Will be back in full form next week.  Gaines Adams is a damn good football player.  And now he’s a Chicago Bear.  Making an all-too-rare in-season trade and giving... Read more »