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2009 NFC Prognostications

Each year, I perform the futile endeavor of predicting the six playoff teams in each conference and selecting a Super Bowl champion.  In the four years I’ve been doing this, I’ve gotten two Super Bowl losers right and no winners.  So I’m shit at it.  But I like it.  Screw you. First, the NFC… #1... Read more »

Bears, Packers, One Year Ago

Breaking down the opener starts this afternoon.  For now, let’s re-live the greatest Bears football moments of 2008. And then…

Welcome to 2009

It was December 29th 2002.  I sat on a bar stool at the Boathouse in Belmar, New Jersey with a cold bottle of Coors Light in one hand and my head in the other.  Over the course of the evening I had become the first fan in the history of the establishment to apologize to... Read more »

Tuesday Night Rodeo

Bears Receivers Bracing For WorstUnless something bizarre happens on Thursday night against the Browns, I think the Bears are pretty set with their receiving corps and my final guess is that Brandon Rideau will be the odd man out.  I think the club keeps six on the roster.  Hester and Bennett are the starters.  Iglesias... Read more »

Hello Franchise

Three fake games and a month of practices and we’ve learned everything we’re going to learn about the Chicago Bears before the start of the regular season.  The running back, tight ends and linebackers are great.  The offensive and defensive lines are good.  The receivers are rapidly improving.  The special teams are the league’s best. ... Read more »

Projecting The Roster: Defense

You know why I love this site and you guys?  Because yesterday we argued the merits of carrying either a second fullback (Jason Davis) or a fullback/tight end hybrid (Michael Gaines).  Let’s see what we can cook up today. Again, we’re assuming the Bears repeat the 25/25 breakdown of 2008. DEFENSIVE LINE (Last year: 9)This... Read more »

Brett Favre Headed To Minnesota

ESPN just reported, on Sportscenter, that Favre boarded a 9:10 AM plane to St. Paul.  Favre commented that the media “may know something by dinner”. ADDENDUM: ESPN is now reporting, per WCCO-TV, that Favre and the Vikings is a done deal. ADDENDUM #2: Favre to make $12 million this year. ADDENDUM #3: Two straight hours... Read more »

Five Quick Thoughts

Just wrapped up watching the entirety of this ballgame and here’s five thoughts. 1. On the quarterbacks.  (1) Don’t worry about Jay Cutler’s performance.  Without Matt Forte and Greg Olsen (the team’s other two dynamic weapons), it is nearly impossible to gauge how this offense is going to look.  (2) I was quite impressed with... Read more »

Jay Cutler's Team

I wrote earlier in the year that I thought the acquisition of Jay Cutler would move the Chicago Bears into the modern age – finally shifting the balance of power away from the overpaid, under-performing defensive unit.  Now Jay Cutler, simply by putting on the navy and orange, has become the face of the franchise. ... Read more »

Growing Tired of Tommie Harris

‘Tommie is strong, motivated, bright, perfect for the system,” Marinelli said. ”He was banged up last year. He seems pretty healthy. … This group is going to compete. It is exciting to see them come together.” – Chicago Sun-Times, July 24th “Rod Marinelli is full of shit.” – Jeff Hughes, August 10th Tommie Harris isn’t... Read more »