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Da BigHotDog.Com Saturday Show!

Just click here:    On this show: Dick Clark’s favorite song, “The Packer Dance” and all the usual stuff.  The Fantasy Playoff rosters available on the B-side. Click here for the funniest Favre spoof I’ve seen on the internet. Fantasy Playoffs Championship Round There were some ballsy selections for this round, with several contestants leaving... Read more »

Fantasy Playoffs Standings - Updated!

A couple notes on this week’s action.  Basically, if you played Aaron Rodgers (32 points) or Jay Cutler (27 points), you advanced (with one exception, keep reading).   If you played Matt Ryan (-3 points), you had no shot.  There were very few other players this weekend who put up mega numbers.  Since the 12th... Read more »

Saturday Show & Fantasy Playoffs Round 2

o On this episode: Songs about Matt Hasselbeck and Favre’s meth-lab sister, Viva and I square off in the Picks Champions League, the Reverend rants against misplaced anger towards Jerry Angelo and I monologue about what would make 2010 a successful season. All your pivotal Fantasy Playoffs information is on the B-side… And now we... Read more »

Fantasy Playoffs Rules & Regulations

ELIGIBILITY All bloggers are eligible for the opportunity to win a monthly column on the site from the end of February through July.  You’ll submit your weekly picks in the same manner you submitted your picks in Da Picks Contest – right in the comments section.  I will keep track and keep scores.  I will... Read more »