Audibles From the Long Snapper: Mr. Ditka's Mustache & More

Audibles From the Long Snapper: Mr. Ditka's Mustache & More
Not a ton of relevant information out there about the first week of the Bears season but I scrounged together a few bits and bobs. ________________________________________ Ditka to Shave Mustache? I assume because someone comically sign me up for it, I receive emails from an organization called the American Mustache Institute. This week’s was, of... Read more »

Proposed CBA Deal

Proposed CBA Details Details of a proposed collective bargaining agreement being pitched to NFL owners Tuesday, according to sources: • Players get 48 percent of “all revenue,” without extra $1-billion-plus off top that previously had been requested by owners. • Players’ share will never dip below 46.5 percent, under new formula being negotiated. • Teams required to spend... Read more »

Who Are the Chicago Bears?

Some fans get mired in Power Rankings and pundit prognostications.  Some fans clamor for respect from the national “experts” because it seems the national “experts” are the only ones talking about sports on television these days.  We live in a BCS sports culture.  A sports culture, led by the four-letters, that believes winning is not... Read more »

The Longest Days of the Year

I absolutely hate Monday and Thursday night games.  At least on Sunday there’s other football on television.  Mondays and Thursdays leave you filling football (read: Bears) cravings with the four-letter network’s inane ramblings and predictions, each of which oddly starting these days with the phrase “you talk about”.   (Side note:  When the hell did... Read more »

A Thursday Rodeo

God, there is just nothing to write about.  Look at the headlines on ESPN’s NFL page: Fans line up to pay their respects to McNair Ex-Cowboys LB Ellis: Ware hid so I could play Judge blocks two Vikings’ doping suspensions Police: McNair deaths ruled murder-suicide  McNair had taped suicide prevention message NFL group makes it... Read more »