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Bears Should Target Sidney Rice

Barring a surprising move by the Minnesota Vikings, many believe wide receiver Sidney Rice will be dipping his wick into free agency waters next months.  There will be other receivers sure to draw interest from Chicago Bears management, regardless of Dan Pompei’s inane belief that the position is not a necessity for the club.  Braylon... Read more »

2010 Chicago Bears: Final Evaluation

2010 Chicago Bears: Final Evaluation
Evaluating the 2010 Chicago Bears was a difficult proposition.  There seemed to be a success ultimatum as we believed we were looking at the end of tenures for both Lovie Smith and GM Jerry Angelo.  Make the playoffs or else.  Win a playoff game or else.  The season brought two new coordinators and one of... Read more »

Coaching Continuity a Must This Offseason

Editor’s Note: If this were a non-fiction book, the full title would be Coaching Continuity a Must This Offseason, or The Stupidity of Steve Rosenbloom. I wake up this morning and check out the Tribune sports website and see that Steve Rosenbloom has decided Mike Martz needs to be fired as offensive coordinator of the... Read more »

A Wonderful Season, A Bizarre Ending

If someone told you in August that Jay Cutler, Todd Collins and Caleb Hanie would each take snaps in the NFC Championship Game against the Green Bay Packers…what would you have said?  I don’t know what my exact words would have been but they would have rhymed with “buck cough”.  We’ll have weeks to discuss... Read more »

Bears/Pack: I Can't Think About Anything Else

I wonder how important this game will be in determining the off-season plan for Jerry Angelo and Bears management.  We know there will be tremendous focus on building the offensive line but if Aaron Rodgers shreds the Bears defense, I wonder how much attention will go their way.  If the defense stops Rodgers cold, you... Read more »

Seahawks at Bears Divisional Round Preview

It is why we argue and debate from mid-February until early-September about the make-up of the roster and alignment of the coaching staff.  It is why we spend that sleepless night before opening day, like an eight year-old on Christmas Eve, anticipating the action figure he’s coveted for the weeks and months previous.  It is... Read more »

Thoughts on the Fifth Straight Victory

First, congrats to Shady – the man the fans decided should enjoy Bears v. Pats with Noah and myself Sunday.  I can’t remember the day Shady first started commenting but he’s been here an awful long time and it’ll be a pleasure to have him buy me a beer (or 3).  Shady, send me an... Read more »

Thoughts on an Exhilarating Victory

The 2010 Chicago Bears announced their presence to the NFL yesterday afternoon by soundly defeating the overhyped and overmatched Philadelphia Eagles.  Here are my thoughts. Nobody has been more critical of the man than me but Lovie Smith is my NFL Coach of the Year right now.  His turning around this team coming off the bye... Read more »

Many Thoughts on the Canadian Escape

This was exactly the game Cutler/Martz needed to have and they were aided by an improving offensive line (although we’ll learn how improved next Sunday).  Cutler was efficient and smart with the football, making a couple spectacular throw when he had a chance to set his feet and hurl it.  Those few extra seconds the... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

Looks Like Omiyale at Left Tackle From Brad Biggs’ column in the Tribune: Smith seemed to slip Monday when he described it as a “significant hamstring” injury before catching himself and adding, “I mean one that would keep you out of the rest of the game.” If Williams has a tear, he could be sidelined... Read more »